• M&A Advisors - The Value Maximizer

    While taking crucial decision about selling their business, lot of business owners mistakenly believe that their accountant or lawyer can advise them on executing a transaction. But, would you consult your accountant for transaction structuring, or your counsel for valuation? Most business owners possibly will sell only one company in their careers and as the old saying goes, "practice makes perfect" - so, if you've done it only once, that's not a lot of practice! In our experience, it's a problem of "you don't know what you don't know" - many business owners simply aren't aware enough about M&A professionals to make an informed decision about whether or not to hire one. Ignoring vital role of such experts in a business sale can cost astronomic. So, make sure you're aware what an M&A advisor can do for you, before you turn to others for advice or decide to go alone.

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  • Documentation and Challenges in M&A and PE/VC Deals

    Quite a few agreements and term-sheets are signed while closing a deal. Along with negotiating on the various clauses of the agreements and term-sheets, it's must to see that how much legally enforceable the provisions of the agreements and term-sheets are. The sanctity of provisions in agreements are not worth on paper if it cannot be defended in litigation. Thus, it's imperative to be cognizant of the present legal framework under which M&A and PE/VC transactions are executed.

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  • Negotiations in Deal-Making

    Negotiations are softer aspect of deal making. The aim should be to establish trust and rapport between the negotiating parties. It should be taken as a joint search for a solution rather than a win-lose game. Before sitting across the table for negotiations, it's important to discern and internalize the goals, objectives and motivations for doing the deal.

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